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It’s never been easier to produce high quality video.

For many small and medium sized businesses, video can be an intimidating and overwhelming medium. We’re here to put those concerns to bed. With our video production services, we provide you a turnkey solution that creates broadcast quality videos that scale to your needs.

Our video production partner has worked with clients as large as Groupon, Citibank and Dyson at the same time as smaller clients who are on a tighter budget but still want high-quality production.

Whether our team builds your video or you have your own ready to go, there has never been more options for video advertising that targets the right consumers at the right time.

In-Story Video

In-story video allows you to place your video in the most meaningful placement on our website – inside a news story. Using our YouTube video player, in-story video appears within the body copy of the story. This allows for maximum exposure within stories with relevant topics

Pre-Roll / In-Banner Video

With pre-roll video, your video/commercial plays before the YouTube content video and cannot be skipped within the video player on our news websites.

In-banner video lets you target more than 260,000 audience segments like Mercedes intenders, shopaholics, and parents of toddlers. Plus you’re able to geo-target at a zip code level using contextual, category and demographic targeting.

What is streaming TV?

Streaming TV is viewing live or on-demand content through the following:

  • Smart TV: an internet-enabled TV connects direct to services & apps
  • Puck, stick or dongle: examples include AppleTV, Amazon’s Fire Stick,  Chromecast & others
  • Gaming consoles including PlayStation4, Xbox & others
  • Laptop, tablets & other mobile devices connected directly to programming or streaming sites
homes used over-the-top television in 2020
OTT reach among homes with wi-fi internet connectivity
hours the average home consumed OTT video per month
days of OTT programming consumption per month

*Comscore – 2020

Your video or commercial can be streamed across ALL DEVICES.

Who’s watching
streaming TV?

  • Nearly half of cord-shavers and nearly 40% of cord-cutters are Generation X, or ages 38-53.
  • The largest segment of ad-supported OTT viewers are 18-34.
  • 34% of ad-supported OTT viewers report a household income $75,000 or greater.
  • More than half are cord-cutters or cord-shavers.

Where will the ads appear?

Large Screen

Just like a regular broadcast commercial, big screen or smart TV video content plays within a commercial break.

Differences from Traditional TV:

    • There are typically fewer breaks during an on-demand or live program.
    • There are fewer ad spots per break, which can help with brand recall.
    • These are usually non-skippable
    • Big screen ads usually have a completion rate of 90% or higher.

Small Screen

Streaming TV ads can play on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

These ads can play during a commercial break, before programming, in the middle or after programming.

Differences from Large Screen Streaming:

  • These ads are sometimes skippable.
  • There can be multiple ads on the page, depending on the viewer experience.
  • Small screen ads usually have a completion rate of 50% or higher since it’s easier to close out of a browser or device vs. a big screen TV.

Live-stream or On-demand

We can target internet video and television viewers by age, interest, and zip code with pre-roll ads during live broadcasts or when consumers are watching their favorite shows on demand. 

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